segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Miguel Sousa Lopes

He worked in various architectural ateliers, and Office support GAT de Abrantes;
Technician 2nd class in the municipality of Loures
The architect responsible for the Food discount stores, Minipreço (13)
Specialist in shops and commercial premises entered in shopping malls
Technical Director of Telepizza Portugal (35 stores) and Sopeso in the final stages of legalization (2012)
Real estate appraiser, hired by the Directorate General of State Heritage (DGPE)
Architect responsible for opening and maintenance of Bijou Brigitte in Portugal (15)
Responsible for the design and installation of shops and business offices, Compaq, Ge, Eurest, Woodchester leasing, D-Link, Gardena, Seymourt CFC, Intergest Portugal, Optivisão, Longa Vida/Nestle.
Several Manager Socio construction KTL (1998)
Several Manager Tutiobra, Unipessoal, Lda (1999-2012)
Restore/business social commerce and distribution of food products (Grilmania, Inogrill, Loja das Sopas, Digital Coffee Shop).
Purchase of real estate, with design and construction for rehab and resale.
Development of a cluster in the municipality of Seixal, in an area of approximately 100 ha.
900 msq, building rehabilitation, at Avenida Visconde de Valmor Lisbon.
Conclusion of condominium in Arrábida , with 1000 sqm of residential.
In Study project resiential of an aparthotel in Namibia, Angola,
Residential project in Castelo the Vide, 15 ha.